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Last updated March 10, 2006

Product Details
low frequency series




?◇ IGBT 20KHA SPWN regulation
?◇Short circuit protection design
?◇N+1 parallel system for averaging current
?◇ Online battery testing design
?◇Power supply abnormal record with up to 500 pieces of memory
?◇ 100% unbalanced protection design
?◇Intelligent charging and management
?◇ Digitalized CPU control
?◇ Built-in dry contact signal


low frequency three phase in three phase out from 10K to 120K

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Shante Zhuhai Electronics Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-757-86367780, 86368351
Fax: +86-757-86368353
Add: 2nd Floor, H Building, Beiyue Industrial Zone, Guicheng Nanhai, Foshan City, GD China
Postal code: 528000
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Mr.Richard Dong
Export Manager
Tel: 0086-13512755255
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